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Coco & Camila Original Cloth Ultimate Pack

$80.00 $59.99

Perfect for the whole family or to hold you over for a long while. 

People are loving this bigger option for the family, reusable and perfect for babies and young children. 

Use it with only warm water, for beautifully clean skin, without the use of harsh chemicals. Our cloths have a plush side used to gently remove makeup and denser side to buff and polish your skin; perfect to use on their own or to compliment your existing skin care regime. Plus, our Original Cleansing Cloths are safe to use with eyelash extensions thanks to their unique weave design. 

  • Removes dirt and makeup from your face using only warm water
  • Ideal for sensitive skin types, or people who aren't avid skin care users
  • Reusable, washable cloth, more environmentally friendly than disposable wipes
  • Chemical free
  • 5 x cloths per pack
  • Each cloth has a plush side to gently remove makeup and a dense side to buff and polish your skin
  • Measurements 20cm x 20cm each cloth