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Thank you for choosing to collaborate with us by becoming a Coco & Camila brand ambassador! Welcome to the Coco & Camila family!

We do have a few brand guidelines for all our influencers so please be sure to give them a quick read before posting! 

1. Please be sure to tag @cocoandcamila and use #cocoandcamila in your post and we will be sure to share it on our instagram story aswell. 

2. You don't need to use any product with the cloth, simply add warm water and show off your results, they really will amaze you!

3. The top benefits you might like to mention are:

   - Removes all makeup with just warm water - no chemicals needed!

   - Safe to use with eyelash extensions

   - Gently exfoliates your skin

   - Eco friendly, replaces all your makeup wipes and 1 cloth will last up to 1,000       uses!

4. If you have a white backdrop for your photos/videos; BONUS as we love using clean clear photos on our Instagram feed. The best way to showcase our product is a demo video and a supporting image of your with your cloth and headband.

5. We will send you a formal letter with the post details including post time, discount code & any additional information we have discussed with you.

6. Please ensure all high resolution images and video content are sent to hello@cocoandcamila.com so we can share your content with our followers aswell!

Publishing Guideline’s Do’s:
The primary use of the cloth is to act as a replacement to disposable makeup wipes. Unlike disposable wipes, the Coco & Camila cleansing cloth uses no chemicals and only requires warm water to remove even the heaviest of makeup while gently exfoliating your skin at the same time. A single cloth is approximately a years worth of disposable wipes saving your followers money and saving the environment.

We need the story to emphasise how effective the cloth is at removing heavy makeup while only using water. We recommend starting the video with heavy/dark makeup, adding just warm water and showing how quick and effective it is at removing the makeup from your face. It is very gentle on the skin aswell so safe to use around the eyes and it wont irritate the skin.

We would love photos or still in your video of of the wash cloth in front of your face with Coco logo on display. 

Light colour schemes, brand colours are whites and tropical greenery.Check out our mood board for inspiration!

Publishing Guideline’s Do Not’s:
We emphasise a chemical/product free use. When using the cloth please avoid using any creams/chemicals or other products on the cloth as we want followers to understand that the cloth does not require anything to remove makeup and the cloth with cleanse your face at the same time.

We look forward to seeing your amazing content!